Commercial Vinyl Flooring Installation with Measurable Quailty

Do you require commercial vinyl flooring for your business premises? Don’t forget that not only is image important but so too is safety!

With our vinyl and safety vinyl installation services you can rest assured that the underfoot grip is as good as it can be and will help prevent accidents on those areas where slip resistant surfaces are essential.

Our vinyl and safety vinyl can be fitted both in and out of standard office hours and is perfect for commercial purposes. Help protect your staff from slips and falls on busy corridors, work areas, toilets, kitchens and any area where there is a potential for spillages.

Remember, vinyl is a versatile product that can be hard wearing and can mimic other materials such as wood. It can also be as cost effective or expensive as you wish; it all depends on your choice of colours and patterns. As part of our commercial vinyl flooring installation we will consult and provide advice for the best solution possible. Both standard vinyl and safety vinyl to all room shapes and sizes so talk us today to discuss your commercial vinyl flooring installation.


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