Flooring Options:Costs

This is the last in a series of articles explaining the benefits choosing of good, high quality flooring and entrance flooring options.

We have already discussed the brand image and health & safety importance of ensuring your business presents its customers a clean, looked-after entry way. This article covers the cost implications of not looking after your flooring, and actual savings your business could make with professional, quality fitments.

Part 3 - Costs

When we talk about costs, we don't mean the initial outlay for the new flooring solution, we are talking about on-going, related overheads that occur due to poor flooring solutions.

Strangely, this aspect generally seems to be the least valued and considered.

A well thought through and implemented flooring solution will mitigate the need for extra cleaning, further repairs and on-going work to other zones that have been affected by a poor solution.

Quality Floor Care - a commercial flooring installation company has the following to say about the use of substandard entrance flooring...

'Not only do we consistently install entrance flooring to all kinds of premises, we find ourselves replacing worn or damaged carpets or tiles throughout the rest of the building. Why? Because the original entrance system was not up to the job, hence, the rest of the flooring taking the brunt of the conditions. In a lovely climate this may not be that much of a concern but in our somewhat erratic conditions, an entrance matting system that does its job is essential for keeping costs down.

Don't get me wrong, we love snow, but it can cause havoc and not just on the roads! You wouldn't believe the amount of carpet clean up jobs that are undertaken during the winter months. This is what we love to do and really is right up our street, and whilst we are more than happy to cater for these tasks, we thought we'd mention that prevention is better than cure!'

Are your entrance matt wells letting you down? Do your carpets or floors take the brunt of all that salt, grit and snow during the winter months?

Or during the drier summer months, does your entrance flooring let the dust and dirt coming in further than it's supposed to?

A quality flooring solution, whether it is the entrance mat, or a sales floor, or even your colleague only areas can actually save you money long term! As mentioned in the previous posts, it will improve your company image - both in the eyes of your customers and its staff and reduce the likelihood of accidents, and the costs associated with them!

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