Flooring Options:Safety

This is the second of three articles explaining the benefits choosing of good, high quality flooring and entrance flooring options.

We have already discussed the brand importance of ensuring your business presents its customers a clean, looked-after entry way. This article covers the health & safety implications of not looking after your flooring, in both customer facing, and employee only, areas of your premises.

Part 2 – Safety

Don't get tripped up by Health and Safety!!

Damaged or improperly looked after flooring will drastically increase the chances of accidents happening, these accidents could cost your business more than just money too.

Don't let your business become a statistic!

Stats show that the majority (66%) of falls happen on the same level resulting from slips and trips. 

Slips and trips are responsible for, on average:

  • over a third of all reported major injuries
  • 20% of over-3-day injuries to employees
  • 2 fatalities per year
  • 50% of all reported accidents to members of the public that happen in workplaces
  • cost to employers £512 million per year (lost production and other costs)
  • cost to health service £133 million per year
  • 1 in 6 of all lost-time work injuries

Most slips occur in wet or contaminated conditions and most trips are due to poor housekeeping. The solutions are often simple and cost effective, a suitable assessment of the risks should identify the necessary controls and these should include (in no particular order):

  • prevention of contamination
  • management of spillages and cleaning regimes
  • effective matting systems
  • choice of suitable footwear
  • design of workplace and work activities
  • maintenance of plant and the work environment
  • specification of appropriate flooring
  • housekeeping
  • effective training and supervision


As you can see from the HSE list opposite, choosing appropriate flooring solutions and making sure periodically that these are still fit for purpose by maintaining or replacing as necessary will help to reduce the risks involved with slips and trips.

DIY vs. Professional fitting

As stated in the first article, having a floor, carpet or even doorway entrance mat system installed by someone who doesn't know what they are doing is not likely to give you the desired finish.

Professional flooring companies are not the cheapest solution. However, the potential cost involved in getting this vital task wrong can be MASSIVE! Can you afford the legal headache, and compensation costs involved if one of your staff or customers slips or trips on your premises?

If you are thinking of having your entrance mats or even your whole floor replaced, make sure the company you commission to complete the work have plenty of experience and a good reputation for both quality of the fitting as well as their choice of flooring product – if they try to ‘save you money' by offering a cheaper product, the savings could very easily be negated further down the line...

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