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Why your business should should choose quality, professional fittings...

Welcome to the first in a short series of articles explaining the benefits of choosing of good, high quality flooring and entrance flooring options, and why even with extra initial costs, they could, in the long run save, or even MAKE money for your business.

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How far into your building can a customer get in 7 seconds?
What are the chances of speaking to a member of your staff within that time?

First impressions about your business are formed in 7-30 seconds, these initial impressions can account for up to 70% of a customer's perception of your company.

Think for a moment about the exposure you offer to your customers that early into their first visit. Most customers are barely through the front door after such a short time. Do you really want your first impression, and with it, their opinion of you to be based on ill fitting (or not fitted) mats, dirty or poor quality carpets or floors?

Even above price and quality, cleanliness speaks to customers. If a restaurant's toilets are dirty and obviously have not been cleaned in a long time, customers are likely to believe that the food preparation areas are treated the same way. Regardless of how tasty the food is, many customers would walk away, or at least never use that restaurant again. The same is true of any business, if a shop entryway is dirty, worn, and unkempt, customers are likely to think that the stockrooms, and with them the stock they sell, are also not looked after and of reduced quality and value as a result.

It won't affect my brand though... Will it?

Like it or not, we live in an increasingly image conscious time. More and more businesses today, regardless of scale, understand the importance of an effective identity or brand and invest time and money to make sure they communicate effectively to the intended folks.

Whether you have invested in a branding exercise, re-brand or have a well-established identity that you have no intention of changing; it's vital that you set the tone of language and perception of your company early on in any visitor's experience.

Of all the materials in a facility, flooring is arguably the most visible. Other building components and finishes draw the eye, but flooring is always within view. Visually, it's an important element in setting the mood of the facility. You wouldn't have the homepage of your website in a completely different colour scheme to that of your logo, so why have business premises out of line with differently shaped and coloured flooring: In many scenarios, just like a website's homepage, this is the very first experience of your business for potential customers.

Looking at the news in recent months, many major companies worldwide have been marred with negative headlines ranging from workforce treatment, pay and conditions in foreign countries, tax avoidance, and quality of products.

These companies have all seen the effects of negative public opinion of their brand reflected in their bottom line.

Why risk giving your audience a negative opinion of your company before they've even entered the building?

Professional? Contractor? Or do it yourself?

Knowing how important customer opinion and perception is, why would you risk customers judging you unfairly based on something as simple and easy to get right as a welcome mat?

Many businesses, with no prior knowledge or understanding, opt to fit their own mats, or get shop fitting companies to add this to their tasks before opening for the first time. This can, as you can imagine, lead to some hit & miss installations.

A professional, commercial carpet / flooring fitter is your best option for installing this most important of features. Certainly not the cheapest option, but the long term gains and savings - quality carpets and mats last longer, meaning you don't have to replace them as often, and stay looking better for longer, they are easier to clean properly, and most importantly - they create a positive first impression of your company!

We certainly believe that first impressions count and leaving dust at the door will only help to register and elevate your brand and company perception higher in the value systems of potential customers. The next article in this short series from Quality Floorcare focuses on the health and safety benefits of good quality flooring in your business premises.

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